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Student Contact Info

Kevin Patton Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor
of Life Science
St. Charles Community College

Professor of
Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction
New York Chiropractic College

Kevin Patton


Visit Me

St. Charles Community College (SCC)

New York Chiropractic College (NYCC)


Phone Me


Email Me

Current students should contact me through the email feature of Canvas (SCC) or Desire2Learn (NYCC) during the regular semester/trimester schedule if it relates directly to the course.

Students who want to contact me about non-course-related topics, students whose courses with me have ended, and nonstudents should use this address to contact me by email:

  After the semester/trimester ends, use the address given above.


Fax Me

Off-campus: 636-447-6159

Important: call or email me to tell me you've sent a fax, otherwise it might sit on this machine for weeks!  And make sure it has MY NAME on it


Other methods

You can set up a video (or nonvideo) voice chat with me:

Skype: kevinpatton

GoogleTalk: theapprofessor @

I generally do NOT accept communications via:

If you live in Nigeria and need my help to move a large sum of money, please contact my ass istant Manuel


This page updated on 6-jul-16