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The whole toolbox in a detailed list

A&P Success — highlights courses (and other resources) to help you get a good start in your A&P course

Pre-A&P Foundations in Science — overview of a completely online refresher course to take before taking A&P

A&P 1 Supplement — overview of “shortcut course” to tqke along with A&P 1

The A&P Student blog — up-to-date tips and advice for A&P students

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Survival Guide for A&P — handy guide outlines study tips, shortcuts, analogies, and what to do when you are lost!

Handbook of A&P — pocket guide to the most essential information to keep handy in class, in lab, in clinicals, or on the job

Using course tools

Using the Textbook — how to get the most of out of your textbook

Reading Strategies — there’s more to reading a textbook effectively than you may think!

New Edition? — do you really need the new edition of the textbook?

Professional Library — why you should not sell your textbook

Using Outlines — tips for using outlines and printing them

Using Slides — tips for using slides linked to Learning Outlines

Learning Styles —how to find your learning style and apply it to your study plan

Reading Strategies — how to get more out of your reading in less time

New Terms — how to quickly master the huge new vocabulary of your A&P course

Learning Terminology — a quick primer on how terms are constructed and used in A&P

Concept Maps — this easy tool helps you learn content and develop critical thinking skills

Submit your concept map or list — the more samples you share, the more it will help other students “get it”

Concept Lists — how to make and “run” a list that will help you keep track of all the interconnected concepts of A&P

Submit your concept map or list — the more samples you share, the more it will help other students “get it”

Study Groups — tips for organizing a group and ideas for what to do in your group

Taking Tests —strategies proven to help you improve your performance

Online Tests — tips and strategies specifically for online tests

Test Item Analysis — free tool for analyzing your test to determine your weak and strong skills and content areas

Test Item Challenge — if you think you have a case regarding the scoring of a test item, here’s how to handle it

Learning Structures — why having a framework is the critical first step when facing a long list of structures to learn in your A&P lab

Field Guide to the Human Body™ — how methods used by naturalists (such as bird watchers) to identify animals can make learning human anatomy easier and more effective

Having Fun — fun as a study tip?

Kevin’s Stress Diet — not to be taken internally

ESL —strategies for folks who’s first language is not English

Submit Your Tip — share your strategies with the world

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